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What Is the Role of the Qualified Business Person (QBP)?

If you’re thinking of starting your own electrical business in QLD, you’ll need to get an Electrical Contractors Licence. Under the requirements of the Electrical Safety Office (ESO), you’ll need to nominate at least one qualified business person (QBP) and one qualified technical person (QTP) (this can be the same person).

In this article, we’ll provide some clarity on the role of a QBP, what is required to become one, and how you can do so.

What is a Qualified Business Person (QBP)?

Apart from being a necessary component of applying for an Electrical Contractors Licence, a qualified business person is trained in performing the business aspects of an electrical contractor. This can range from everyday business operations like managing revenue and cost margins to overseeing risk management protocols. 

There are multiple challenges to running an electrical contracting business. Finding the right cost to quote services can mean the difference between profit and loss, and the ability to sustain the business and its employees. Managing the time taken for each type of job can impact how much work can be completed and the number of jobs that can be taken on. It is the job of the QBP to ensure that the financial operations of the business run smoothly and that workers have the time to perform quality work, as well as keeping the business financially stable.

Eligibility to become Qualified Business Person (QBP)

In order to become a QBP, nominated individuals must have a valid business relationship to the contractor licence applicant.

  • For an individual applicant, the nominated QBP must be the individual themselves, or an employee of the individual.
  • For partnership applicants, the nominated QBP must be a partner or an employee of the partnership.
  • In the case of a corporation, the nominated QBP must be a member, director, executive officer or employee of the corporation. 

Finally, QBP nominees must declare that they are ‘fit and proper’ on the application form. Answers are expected to be made truthfully and may be cross-checked via further contact, especially in the case where a ‘yes’ has been answered to any of the questions.

Training requirements for Qualified Business Person (QBP) 

If the above eligibility criteria are met, nominated individuals will need to complete the QBP course before they can submit their application to the ESO. There are several training prerequisites for the QBP application. In the QBP course, applicants will complete the following:

  • UEECD0007 - Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
  • UEEEL0040 - Develop compliance policies and plans to conduct an electrical contracting business
  • BSBESB402 - Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures (Not required if the QBP has run their own business for 5 or more years)

The completion of these units of competency will equip the QBP nominee with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their role.

Roles and responsibilities of a Qualified Business Person (QBP)

Once the QBP course has been passed, individuals can expect to hold the following roles and responsibilities as part of their position of a Qualified Business Person: 

  • Navigate the legal requirements of setting up and running an electrical business
  • Ensuring compliance with Australian Tax Laws
  • Overseeing appropriate insurance and workcover
  • Implementing safe work and risk management protocols
  • Setting up and negotiating contract arrangements
  • Providing accurate price quotation for jobs
  • Planning for business development
  • Establishing business policies and procedures
  • Creating the business website
  • Supervising marketing efforts 

How to become a Qualified Business Person (QBP)

Becoming a QBP starts with completing the QBP training course. At Electro Training, we offer a comprehensive QBP course in QLD that can be completed quickly within 1-2 days. If you are planning to start an electrical business, sign up for our courses today to attain the certification you need to apply for an Electrical Contractors Licence.