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Electrical Courses & Training in QLD

Welcome to the Electro-training Institute. We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Number 31673) operating across three locations delivering Nationally Recognised Training to Tradespersons within Australia.

Industry Driven Focus

Cairns Townsville Brisbane

Electro-training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Number: 31673) delivering nationally recognised Solar, Refrigeration, and Electrical training. We pride ourselves on delivering educational courses with a strong focus on industry competency.

As a Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) registered training supplier, we provide training supported by CSQ funding. We offer regular classes in Townsville and Brisbane and on demand courses in Cairns. Get started with Electro-training today and progress your career in the electrical industry.

Why choose Electro-training?

Electro-training is proud to deliver electrical training across Cairns, Townsville, and Brisbane, QLD. We work with experienced instructors at state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that new electrical workers can pave their way to a bright future in the industry.

Our students have achieved great success and earned a wealth of knowledge and experience from their time with us — our testimonials highlight the precious learning that occurs in our facilities. While you study with us, you will be cared for and treated with respect, and you will learn skills and obtain relevant abilities that will be invaluable in the electrical industry.

Benefits of electrical training

With a wide range of practical courses, Electro-training is a leading provider of electrical education in Queensland. Our flexible programs are designed to train our students to meet the needs of the industry. For anyone looking to advance their electrical career, Electro-training has a relevant course.

By completing electrical training courses, our students can advance their careers, become qualified for new roles in their current workplace, or seize new and exciting opportunities in the greater industry. Our students also learn specialised safety protocols and receive industry accreditation and recognition. Those who study with Electro-training will stand out in a competitive job market and build professional networks, leading them to a fruitful career in the industry.


If you would like to register for one of our electrical training courses, check out the course information and enrol online on our website.

If you require clarification on any course or need help registering for your, call us at 0407 164 909, or enquire via our online form. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always happy to answer your questions and provide you with the necessary information.

With flexible delivery options, expert teaching, and a priority of electrical industry competency, Electro-training is an infallible choice for those looking to advance their career in the electrical industry.


Is there a high demand for qualified electrical professionals?

In our modern industrial world, there is a constant and insatiable demand for qualified electricians. Especially in the bigger cities of Cairns, Townsville, and Brisbane there is a need for electricians to maintain power and electrical infrastructure for massive populations. Investment in substantial infrastructure projects and renewable energy has never been higher, so the demand for electrical workers is sure to remain strong for years to come. By completing relevant electrical training courses, you can prepare to take advantage of the opportunity to build your career in this massive industry.

Who is eligible to enrol in an electrical training course?

Anyone with basic English literacy and numeracy skills can enrol in our Qualified Business Person course. Those that wish to enrol in the Course in Restricted Electrical must hold a Training Permit issued by the Electrical Safety Office and you must be an unrestricted electrical worker to enrol in our Qualified Technical Person, Split system installation, Solar and Battery storage courses. Check our course descriptions for eligibility requirements. If you need more clarification about your eligibility for CSQ funding or you're unsure about your eligibility for any course, please enquire with us online or by phone.

What kind of certifications can I earn?

Our courses are nationally recognised and upon successful completion you will be issued with either a Certificate or Statement of Attainment. The Certificate or Statement of Attainment can be used as evidence of your qualification for specific licences and accreditation both in Queensland and Nationally. Our friendly team can advise you on which classes you'll need. Just tell us what license you hope to obtain or what work you wish to complete, and we'll point you to the suitable courses and licencing/accreditation bodies.

How long are the courses, and how often do they run?

Our courses can range from anywhere between 2 days to one week. You'll receive face-to-face training throughout your course. Course frequency is subject to demand and enrolment rates, but courses are usually scheduled every month in Brisbane, every second month in Townsville and on demand in Cairns.

What is the cost of the courses, and are there any financing options available?

The cost of our courses varies, depending on the course length, the learning outcomes, the resources and facilities used, and, for some, the number of modules you fulfil. Check each course on our website for specific costs.

In addition, Electro-training provides training supported by CSQ funding. CSQ provides funding to reduce the financial obstacle to training, making upskilling an affordable option for many more individuals in the construction industry.. You can complete applications for CSQ funding on each course enrolment page.

How do I register for a course, and what materials or equipment will I need to participate?

You can register for any of our courses online. Simply find your relevant course on our website and complete the enrolment form. You can also apply for CSQ funding through the course page. Just bring a positive attitude and your bright, electrical mind! You will only need specific materials or equipment if specified on your enrolment form.

Who are your courses suitable for?

Electro-training's courses are suitable for a range of individuals, including new apprentices, experienced tradespeople looking to upskill, and business owners looking to train their staff. The courses are designed to meet the needs of the electrical industry and provide practical skills and knowledge that can be applied in real-world situations.

Are your courses nationally recognised?

Yes! The qualifications obtained through the courses you can take at Electro-training are recognised across Australia. You have the flexibility and opportunity to work in different states and territories. You can use your skills and knowledge wherever your career takes you.