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Electrical Testing Referesher (Non-accredited Training)

Electrical Testing Refresher (Non-accredited Training)

This course is a non-accredited industry course.  You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at completion of the course.  You will NOT receive any formal AQTF qualification.

The course focuses on how to complete the mandatory test procedures as per AS/NZS 3000 and will cover the following topics:

  • Your legislated requirements as an Electrical Worker
  • Testing for Dead
  • Visual Inspection 
  • Mandatory tests including earth continuity, Insulation resistance, polarity, correct circuit connections, fault-loop impedance/resistance, RCD testing

The first 2 hours of the course will be in the classroom where the student, with the help of their Trainer will produce their own testing procedure.  The trainers will explain and demonstrate each test.  Under the observation of the Trainer the student will then use the test procedure they have developed to perform the mandatory test procedures and complete a record of their test results.



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