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Certificate II in Split System Air Conditioners and Heat Pump Systems

  • "The full knowledge and the in depth coverage by the facilitator. Ben made us feel relaxed" - Steven Day
  • "Hands on learning and the ability to ask questions freely" - Holden Houels
  • "Learnt so much new stuff and how to use thing's safely and properly. Teacher was massive help with everything" - Brandon Scuderi
  • “Teacher was very informative as he was explaining from on field experience” - M. Kandiero from Platinum Electrical 
  • "Hands on experience, relaxed learning environment" - Simon Bevan
  • “Great to have heaps of time on practical 'on the tools', great to have someone like Ben you can ask as many questions as you like and not made to look stupid, very important on a course” - Matt Bourne
  • “Information was well delivered, good amount of time for practical” - Terry Beyer
  •  "Trainers knowledge and amount of facts learnt" - Mark Dal Ponte from Dal Ponte Electrical & Air-conditioning
  • "The presenter Ben was incredibly knowledgeable, not only with course material but industry experience regarding refrigeration, electrical and standards" - Jason Giddings

Solar Grid-connect Install and Design course

  • "The trainer presented and taught each learning module bang on" - Travis Edmonds
  • "Time spent on design content, easy to understand, explained well" - Joey Easman
  • "The teacher gave the info in a relatable and easy to follow way" - Jacob Burns
  • "The layout/time the trainer spent explaining the importance of each task" - Dan Smith
  • "Thorough explanations, free lunch, useful resources on USB" - Ryan Dearaugo from Springers Solar
  • "Examples and tests are applicable to real world scenarios" - Will Ellis
  • “Relating theory to practical design and implementation understanding this in relation to job skills” - James Duncan
  • “Having an instructor that actually installs as well as teaches" - Brendan Hohnberg from Platinum Electricians Tablelands
  • “Engaging with others, learning what is being done in the real world. Finding out the problems & solutions. Getting accreditation & doing work examples” - Dave Clews from Ergon
  • “Go through everything clearly & have plenty of time to understand it” - Albert Jokisch

Solar Grid-connect with Battery Storage Course

  • "Very knowledge teacher, provided a broader understanding of the industry" - Wade Byrne
  • "Teacher was knowledgeable and personable" - Peter from Proven Energy
  • "Jeff was a great communicator and explained the work well" - Scott Williams
  • "Very educational, very knowledgeable teacher, to the point" - Brandon Hendry
  • “The discussions about how fast the industry is moving and newer technologies” - Sam Paschke
  • Group training - discussion, covered all technologies” - Scott Myers
  • "Heaps of useable information, well presented, definite value for money" - Karl Dekok
  • "Practical experience of teacher - able to answer real life/situations questions" - Damien from NextGen
  • "Extremely knowledgeable instructor who takes the time to answer questions and explain scenarios in different ways to accommodate to student learning needs" - William Nesbitt

Course in Restricted Electrical

  • "Good instructor and the detailed training" - Hyuk Do Kwon
  • "Informative teaching, hands on practical experience, teacher was patient working through all individuals" - Dan McKellar
  • "Simple explanation of practical electricity principles" - Giuliano Zanini
  • "Very thorough in theory of legislation" - Dean from Jetset Plumbing
  • "Excellent resources for practical sessions - I haven't seen anything this thorough in a training facility for decades!" - B. Medhurst

Contractors course – QTP

  • "Methodical approach and manner was well constructed by instructor" - Mark Thomas
  • "In depth, comprehensive learning, friendly and helpful" - Kieren Smith
  • "Well explained course content and helpful if not understanding some aspects" - John Hayes
  • "Being able to learn and understand the course, being able to follow the instructors explanation of different aspects of course" - Lance Williams
  • "The practicality in which trainer explains everything. Always relates to real world situations to justify why it's required to know" - Nathan Lang
  • "Great trainer with great patience. Very knowledgeable and experienced" - Steven Lambert
  • "Good mix of theory and practical. Explained course material very well. Trainer explain where I didn't understand" - Alan Griffiths
  • "Explanations were very easy to follow and understand, feedback was great, and Maurice was very approachable" - David Lee
  • "Thorough and concise execution of requirements for this course. Food was good too" - Chelsea Murphy
  • "The trainer was very helpful and quick to reply. The turn around from handing in work to getting feedback was quick, making it easy to fix any questions" - Sam Dunbar

Contractors course – QBP

  • "The simplicity of the course, everything was explained well" - Daniel Devietti
  • "Neridas training capability, patience and helpfulness" - Annii Bird
  • "Helped me understand everything or some things I needed clarified" - Thorsten Lueck
  • "The instructor knew the content very well and added in a lot of extra helpful information" - Martin Brown
  • "Well explained and gained lots of knowledge" - Marc Torrisi
  • "Offering the in person training was much better than trying to do online" - David Jelovcan
  • "Detailed explanations on course material" - Dwayne Craft
  • "Easy to follow along, in depth learning at a good pace" - Andrew Lepate
  • "Great communication, resources readily available and questions easy to understand (briefing)" - Juan Hopkins
  • "Prompt responses regarding booking and availability, clearly set out course material, friendly and knowledgeable trainer" - Justin Neri

We welcome any feedback about the course delivery and/or content, if you have any complaints or you wish to appeal any decision made regarding your participation please view our Complaints Policy and Procedure document.