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Battery Booster Rebate Scheme QLD 2024: Getting Qualified to Install

The battery booster scheme is another step forward in Australia’s bid to encourage residential solar uptake. Under the battery booster scheme, rebates will be offered to eligible parties on eligible systems in a bid to offset the upfront cost of solar battery installation in the home.

For solar installers, the battery booster scheme is set to supercharge solar battery uplift and skyrocket demand for qualified installers across Queensland and Australia. In this article, we’ll take a look at the eligibility criteria and how solar installers can prepare themselves for the battery booster scheme rollout in Queensland in 2024.

What is the battery booster scheme?

The battery booster scheme is a rebate program set up and supported by the Queensland Government to incentivise the installation of a home battery energy storage system that works with a new or existing home solar system. Launched on 12 February 2024, the battery booster program consists of $24 million in funding and will continue to accept eligible applications from homeowners until funding runs out. 

Who is eligible for the battery booster scheme in QLD?

Aimed at helping those who may struggle with the high cost of installing a home battery system for solar, the battery booster scheme is currently open to all Queensland homeowners with a combined household income lower than $180,000.

Other eligibility requirements for the battery booster program include:

  • Being the owner of a residential property in Queensland that will receive the installation
  • Having a solar system (photovoltaic) or the planned addition of one as part of the battery purchase
  • Using a battery from the approved battery list
  • Engaging an electrician on the approved installer list to install the system
  • Agree to a government appointed safety inspection for the completed installation

Successful homeowner applicants will receive a rebate of up to $3,000, with low-income households eligible for higher rebates of up to $4,000.

Criteria for systems to be included in the battery booster scheme

As part of the eligibility requirements, applying homeowners must also have or purchase solar systems and solar batteries that meet the following technical specifications. 

Approved specifications for home solar photovoltaic systems: 

  • Have a capacity of at least 5kW 

Approved specifications for battery systems:

  • Have a capacity of at least 6kWh or higher
  • Be on the Approved Battery Systems list

What does the battery booster scheme mean for solar installers?

With the rebate support of the battery booster scheme, more homeowners are expected to be able to afford and install battery systems in their homes, along with the requisite solar systems.

This uptake in demand for installation is good news for solar installers and electricians in QLD who are qualified to perform them. One thing to note, however, is that the battery booster scheme will only apply to homeowners who use a business that is on the approved installer list. Applying to be on this list will be necessary for businesses to offer their services to the thousands of homeowners looking to take advantage of the battery booster scheme.

Being an approved installer involves a simple application process where businesses can nominate individual installers to be on the approved list. There are strict requirements for safety, training, and licensing that must be met before installers can successfully appear on the approved installer list.

How can I become qualified to install solar in QLD? 

To install solar in QLD, electricians and installers are required to have a Grid Connected Solar PV Design accreditation. This is the foundational course that will provide a pathway towards all types of solar work in future.

However, if you are planning to apply to be an approved installer for the battery booster scheme, you must have additional accreditation for solar battery installation. To obtain this, you will need to complete a Battery Storage Course such as the one we offer at Electro Training Institute. You will only be eligible to enrol in this course if you are a licensed electrician and have completed the solar install and design course or hold a CEC grid-connect install and design accreditation. 

Our Battery Storage Course will be conducted by trainers experienced in the field of solar installations and have worked with brands such as LG Chem, Tesla, Sungrow, PowerPlus energy, Selecteonic and Sonnen. Enrol today and complete this 4-day course to start applying to become and operate as an approved installer for the battery booster program.