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CSQ short courses funding approved

Congratulation to our Funding co-ordinator, Susan Moore who received confirmation from Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) last week that our application for short courses funding has been approved.  From 1 October 2016 we are now able to offer Queensland residents in the Construction Industry a subsidised course fee for the following units of competency:

UEENEEG105A - $240.00

UEENEEK125A - $240.00

UEENEEK135A - $240.00

UEENEEK148A - $300.00

UEENEEP014A - $480.00

UEENEEP019A - $150.00

UEENEEP024A - $240.00

UEENEEP025A - $150.00

UEENEEP026A - $150.00

BSBSMB401 - $360.00

Follow this link for further information or contact our office for information on eligibility or to complete an CSQ subsidised course fee application.

Battery techology is "charging" ahead, we cover Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion technogoly in depth during the PV Grid-connect  with battery course.  The information learnt about Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion is transferrable to other battery technologies but it is important for Accredited Installers and Designers to keep current with other battery technologies.  Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries are relatively new in Australia and this is an important technology to understand when working on commercial systems where you need 40kWh or more of energy.   Find more about Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries click here or you can read about Vanadium Redox Flow Battery installations in Western Australia here.