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Solar Grid-connect With Battery Storage Course (UEERE4001 and UEERE5001)

Solar Grid-connect With Battery Storage Course (UEERE4001 and UEERE5001)

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The Solar Grid Connect with Storage is designed to meet the requirements of the Clean Energy Council for the Grid Connect with Storage endorsement on an Electricians Grid Connect PV System Accreditation.

This course is also worth 60 points towards an accredited installers Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

The course includes the following Nationally Recognised units of competency:

  • UEERE4001 - Install, maintain and fault find battery storage systems for grid-connected photovoltaic systems
  • UEERE5001 - Design battery storage systems for grid-connected photovoltaic systems

The course is delivered over three days in class. Please see our course outline for further course information or call our office on 07 4724 4543.

Payment Details

Course cost: $2,300.00*

* Queensland residents currently working in the Building and Construction Industry (Electrician working on Building and Construction) may be eligible for a subsidised course fee through Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) of $1,700.

The total course fee is $2,300, the CSQ amounts subsidised are:
UEERE4001: $300
UEERE5001: $300
The total course fee for an eligible participant is $1,700.

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Please note: Full payment is required one week prior to commencement of this course.

Pre requisites of course

To be eligible for this course, students must hold an unrestricted Electrical licence and Grid-connect PV system accreditation (or have completed UEENEEK135A & UEENEEK148A).

Course details

  • Course starts at 8.00am and finish at 4.30pm.
  • Registration is from 7.50am on the day.
  • The course fees are per delegate and include all reference manuals, and handouts.
  • You will need notepaper, pens, calculator and laptop computers to be arranged.
  • Abusive or offensive behavior is not tolerated by the course facilitators. Please see our policies and procedures (published on our website or you may request a copy from our office) for further information

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) process: Please contact our office 4724 4543 and ask to speak with the Solar Trainer should you believe that you may have already met the requirements of the units of competency from prior learning and/or experience.

Late Arrivals: The course commences at 8am, any students arriving later than 30 minutes after course commencement will not be able to attend the course and will not be eligible for a refund of the course fee.

Student Cancellation: A fee of 20% of total course will apply for written cancellations received seven-fourteen days prior to commencement of the course. Cancellations received less than seven days prior to the course are not refundable however substitutes on same dates are welcome.

Institute Cancellation: The Electro-Training Institute guarantees that the training and assessment will be completed by a qualified person on the date specified on the student’s confirmation. Should the Electro-Training Institute not provide the training and assessment on the specified date a full refund will be given to the student within two working days of their bank details being received in writing by the Electro-Training Institute office.

Confirmation: Full confirmation details and course instructions will be sent to you upon receipt of booking.

Certificates/Statements of Attainment and Academic Records of Achievement: Upon successful completion, of the course, Electro-Training Institute will provide a qualification in the form of a Certificate/Statement of Attainment as well as an Academic Record of Achievement. This qualification will be mailed out to the indicated address on the students enrolment form. It is the responsibility of the student to provide Electro-Training Institute with the correct mailing address. A fee of $35.00 will apply for any re-prints of the Certificate/Statement of Attainment and Academic Record of Achievement.

Student deemed Unsuccessful/Not Yet Competent: If a student fails to complete an assessment or is unsuccessful in completing an assessment task/exam they are deemed as ‘Not Yet Competent’ by the assessor and the assessor will nominate a time for re-assessment within class time. This second assessment will be free of charge. If the student remains ‘Not Yet Competent’ after the second assessment, he or she will be notified that this result is final and he or she will be unable to successfully complete the unit of competency in which they are enrolled. Any further assessment will be fee for service and the student will need to have a meeting with the Institute Director to create an individual learning plan before their re-enrolment in the course is confirmed.

Please note: Venues to be confirmed upon registration. Instructors may change without notice. Electro-training institute has no affiliation with suppliers or manufacturers and therefore presents a completely unbiased factual view of the industry.

Professional development: This course is designed to meet the Clean Energy Council qualification requirement for a storage endorsement on your Grid- Connect PV System Accreditation (Install and/or Design). A Statement of Attainment listing the units of competency you have attained will be awarded at the end of this course. This will serve as evidence as to your eligibility to apply for the battery storage endorsement on your Clean Energy Council Solar GC Install and/or Design accreditation.

Access of records and progress: If at any time you wish to have access to your records or you have any questions regarding your participation or progress please contact our office.

Complaints and Appeals: We welcome any feedback about the course delivery and/or content, if you have any complaints or you wish to appeal any decision made regarding your participation please view our complaints and appeals procedure on our website or contact our office for a hard copy.

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